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Woods Graduated Magnum Cum Laude from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Fine Arts ​Degree and a concentration in Drawing.  He lives in Knoxville, Tennessee where he paints, draws, sculpts, and designs.




About me and my art;

I have been creating and drawing my whole life, and have studied to expand my creativity into new places of wonder and imagination.  I fully blame my childhood for the fascination I have with all things peculiar and strange.


I typically define my work as a surreal fantasy. The images I create stem from a longstanding fight I've had with my subconscious, the hope is to get these people, places, animals out of my head and physically use them as symbols. Painting is a cathartic process for me and allows me to see beyond my everyday existence and tap into the wild nature of creativity and try to stay as silent as possible. My characters are chosen with a certain anonymity to reduce confusion. I allow color or subject to persuade the viewer to create the narrative. Much like seeing the work of an Old Master Painter with no context. The hope is to engage the viewer's creative process – this -- is where I see the art become more than just material.


Art is the language and communication I speak, silently through paint, pen, or pencil. The visual world allows inaudible understanding that transcends dialects.  Whether or not it’s freelance or my in studio paintings I am constantly striving to reach a new connection with art lovers or a circumstantial art enthusiast.

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