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The Black Cadillacs
Portrait of Atlas
Melting Michael
Sunflower Barn Mural
Sunflower Barn Mural
Thunder Valley CrossFit Logo
Knoxville Zoo Obelisk Project
Knoxville Zoo Obelisk Project
Knoxville Zoo Obelisk Project

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Clown Entrance
Mermaid Tails
Mermaid Tails
Mermaid Tails
Ripley's "Dinosaurs" display 2013.
Sharky's Sandbox
Sharky's Sandbox
Coral Ipad Mount
Metropulse Paper Box Design
Davey Crockett Golf signage.

One of my favorite challenges as an artist is to face something I've never done before.  When it comes to the strange and bizarre, Ripley's Entertainment Group knows how to please. Ripley's never fails to pique my interest with new projects, from building a volcano to maintaining their always entertaining attractions. I have photos of the projects here so you can find them in real life.

Mastodon Foot
Mastodon Vertebrae
Alligator Skull
Tapir Skull
Whale Skull (before and after)

 I came to know about Mace's collection while visiting family in Charleston, SC. He has donated his entire personal collection to CofC and is expanding the museum constantly. One of the many trade skills I learned at the Universtity of Tennessee was metal fabrication and welding, so I build the specimen's armatures. This really is a unique job for me because I get to work on 'paint finishing' the bones as well. This process involves painting fabricated sections of the specimen to match the existing bone and sediment;  however, these are fossilized specimens so I'm matching the rock that their bones became.

Beach Scene

A unique thing I get to do with art is reach people through many different mediums. When you think of paint on the floor it's usually bad, but in this case I have been given full artistic liscense to get paint all over the nicest hard wood floor manufactured in the USA. The Casey's have a rare perspective on how flooring can be the focus of home decore. not only do they strive for making interesting and uncommon different types of hardwood floor, but they also encourage creativity from their customers.

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